Our Philosophy

Athletic Institute of Excellence and its athletes have a deep understanding of who a person must become in order to pursue an athletic dream.  Our method is changing the approach to tennis   training by carving your own path through the competitive world we live in by having what AIE athletes call ‘AIE Mentality’.  Many have described AIE Mentality as ‘Never good enough’, ‘Deliberate’, ‘Intentional’, ‘Fearless’, ‘Powerful’, and ‘Tough’.  The essence of AIE lies within the concept that our actions are what define us as an athlete and a person.  If an athlete wants something, there are no words that can display the true nature of desire to achieve something.

AIE athletes walk with pride knowing that it takes true courage to go within themselves and break through barriers that prevent them from becoming truly free and confident towards higher levels of achievement.  On a daily basis, AIE athletes are encouraged to push themselves and those around them to have higher expectations and to deal with failure as a necessary component of sustainable confidence.  It is a TEAM effort!

‘AIE must be experienced and cannot be easily described with words. If you are concerned with only who else is in the program thinking you only need to hit with better players, you are very wrong’ – AIE Athlete